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One of the first things I assume when I have headaches is that, “Maybe I’m developing telepathic powers.” At least, I would assume that people developing telepathic powers have some sort of growing pains that could be misconstrued as headaches. Unfortunately, I still don’t seem to have such powers and the head pains and dizziness I’ve been experiencing since Friday were just a sympton of something far more common – seems I got the flu, known in local parlance asΒ trangkaso.

This has not been a particularly good weekend anyway. Since Saturday morning, this computer I have in my room has been flaky, occasionally refusing to boot into either Linux or Windows, and occasionally not even turning on at all. My brother and I suspect a loose video card, and if were just a little less lazier we could easily confirm it by swapping the video card here with the PC in the other room. I threatened to nuke the installation completely and reinstall XP, but once I put the XP installer in the drive, it started working again, imagine that.

Anyway, since I’m not inclined to waste more time checking it out. If it acts up again, I’ll probably ask my brother to bring it to a shop. I just wish there were some really good specialist shops that maintain your computer hardware for you. The sort of shop where each customer has a personal file, and when you bring in your machine the guy behind the counter would recognize you and say, “Hey Mr. Tang, how’s that new DVD-ROM drive working? Hmm? Faulty memory? Let me take a look… " And you’d know your machine would be in good hands with someone you can trust, a professional who does this sort of thing for a living and not just some anonymous college undergrad trying to make a few bucks.

I still haven’t seen Superman Returns. I haven’t been posting lately because of Civ IV… that game is addictive, and I hear an expansion is coming out. I’ve beaten Prince level now, yay!

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