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DaVinci Code

I’m not sure what some Church leaders are thinking. Calling for an outright ban on _The DaVinci Code _movie just makes it more popular. At the very least, it’s insulting to the intelligence of their flock – are they saying Catholics don’t have the ability to distinguish fact from fiction by themselves? But then again, this is a nation of Catholics who tend to elect action stars to high office because of all the goody-goody roles they portray in the movies, so maybe the priests have some sort of point.

The best view of this affair has to be from the street vendors who plan to hawk the pirated copies of the movie: If the movie is banned, all the people who would have watched the movie would be buying from them instead! Good times!

As for me, I’m not much into going to the theatre nowadays. I’ll probably watch it someday, probably in the comfort of home. But I’ve read the book, and the movie is said to be a generally faithful adaptation, so I’m not too psyched into seeing it.

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