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Priest / Stand-up Comic

Usually, whenever a Catholic priest gives a homily during Mass, he stands behind a pulpit and generally act like they’re making a speech.

At the place where I go to Mass, the priests prefer to stand in front of the altar, closer to the audience, holding a microphone in their hands and pacing around a bit during the homily.

I remarked to my brother during the Easter Sunday mass: “I bet priests would make great stand-up comics.”

His response: “That would make an awesome sitcom.”

Imagine, if you will, a priest at a small parish, occasionally bored with what is surely his life’s calling. Every so often, he sneaks out to his local comedy club and performs as a stand-up comic. Hilarity ensues.

Too bad it wouldn’t work in a Philippine setting. (No comedy clubs here… )

Remember, you read it here first! If it comes out on any network, they’re surely ripping me off.

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