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Yesterday, the guard at my office building pissed me off quite a bit. He refused to let me in because I was wearing slippers! Since we dress casually on Saturdays, very so often I like to wear slippers to work, especially when I’m feeling too lazy to put on socks. They never gave me any trouble before, so I argued with the guard for a bit. Stubborn-headed, he still wouldn’t let me in. I stalked off grumbling and got into a taxi home. (I came back later… that guard cost me like an hour and a half of my time and about three hundred pesos in taxi fare… )

On hindsight, I let my being pissed off cloud my better judgement. What I should have done was:

– first, ask for a copy of the building circular or memorandum stating the dress code

– second, ask to see his supervisor and ask why just last week I was allowed to wear slippers, but not this week

– third, if all else failed, try to get in through the basement entrance

– only after all of the above fail should I have gone home for shoes

I think I need to be more cunning.

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