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I think I'm starting to get the hang of this :p

This whole thing with Kubuntu, where I have to use Adept to install stuff is really weirding out my Windows-geek tendencies.

For today, all I wanted was to get some mp3s playing on Kubuntu. Unfortunately, the default included players (Kaffeine and Amarok) were giving me trouble, claiming they could not play mp3s! I asked around for some help, and read some FAQs, but I kept getting errors trying to download and install gstreamer-mad 0.8.

After a while I gave up and started mucking around in Adept to find an alternative program. I finally settled on installing Beep Mp3 Player, which proceeded to play my mp3 files πŸ˜€ Yay! I can install stuff! BMP is a bit like Winamp2, so at least I'm familiar with it. I wonder if there are global hotkeys for it?

Also, now that I was a bit more familiar with Adept, I used it to install Firefox. But the repository only had Firefox 1.0.7! Wazzup with that?

For next time:

-- install Firefox 1.5.x

-- get my screen resolution above 1028×768 (Edit, 20 mins. later: I couldn't sleep, so I went ahead and did this. I will probably be late tomorrow. I feel extra geeky now =/)

-- find more stuff to do

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Clair said...

I am more of a GNOME person :P

Yeah, you need some plugins.

XMMS is the closest thing you could get to Winamp, btw. You could even use the old skins of WinAmp (Classic skins is the name... If they have .wsz at the name, rename it to .zip and it would work ;) Real neat huh?)

Beep and XMMS have no problems playing mp3s out of the box.

I don't really use the GUIfied stuff to play media. mplayer is still the way to go, as far as I am concerned, or EMMS in Emacs ;) (Which calls other command line tools like mplayer, mpg321, ogg123)

Is that the one you checked? Hmm. What errors have you been getting? You could always log on to #ubuntu or #ubuntu-ph using GAIM or X-chat and ask for help ;)

It's weird that FF1.5 isn't in the universe :(

Update your Ubuntu ok? There's something weird with the password thingy.

Enjoy Kubuntu!

Roy said...

I was looking at the screens, and I seemed to like KDE better, don't know why. Hmm...can I have both, and switch on the fly or something?

I got Amarok to work after awhile...turned out I was doing something wrong with updating the gstreamer update.

I'll check out XMMS, but I'm really quite impressed with Amarok so's got some things going for it that Winamp doesn't.

Thanks for the heads up...luckily, since I'm still just toying around with the ubuntu install, I don't care much if anyone hijacks root or whatnot =p

Whenever I boot into kubuntu, I'm on #kubuntu on freenode...although #ubuntu- ph sounds better, para Pinoy hehe

Clair said...

Pinoy nga yung #ubuntu-ph. it's the loco channel ;)

Amarok is impressive. I tried it when Mandrake 10.1 OR came out. Astig! May live cd pa nga na basically Amarok talaga yung ffeature ;) Check it out on distrowatch :D

As for desktop environments. you could opt for which one everytime you login. Everything is just a sudo apt-get install away. I personally recommend XFCE ;) Looks sleek and it's light :D