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Programmer, engineer, scientist, critic, gamer, dreamer, and kid-at-heart.

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I remembered that I haven't written an About page yet. This post will go there.

The Blogger profile describes me as a "Programmer, engineer, scientist, critic, gamer, dreamer, and kid-at-heart." Let's break that down, shall we?

Programmer : Since January of 2003 I've been working as a software developer for the RP office of a Hong Kong-based company. I'm no Computer Science graduate, but I did manage to fake it well enough to pass the JITSE certification exams. I code because I find that I'm fairly good at it. This is my day job, and I'm luckier than most, because I actually _enjoy _my day job.

Engineer : I'm an Engineer by education, having completed a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the University. I passed the ECE board exams in 2002, but have never practiced as an Engineer.

Scientist : Does having a Bachelor in Science degree allow me to consider myself a scientist? What about graduating from the premiere science high school in the country? A naturally geeky curiousity that tends to overanalyze everything?

Critic : No wait, that last one from "Scientist" goes here. Maybe I'm only somewhat of a critic. Or maybe what I really meant at the time was that I enjoy criticizing things. 😀

Gamer : Well, just by reading this blog you know I'm into games. Card games, board games, console games, computer games, psychological games, you name it. Regarding electronic gaming, I started with the Atari 5600 that my parents bought in the US, and only during the PS2 era have I started to slow down. At one point or another I have been addicted every major genre: strategy, RPG, action, FPS, puzzle, whatever. Well, except for Dance Dance Revolution and the like. I'm really sucky at that.

Dreamer : I dream of a lot of things, and not only when I sleep. There are a lot of things I want to do, and more things I want to be. Off the top of my head, I want to be a published game developer, a published writer and world-famous. And those are just the three most probable ones :p

Kid-at-heart : I guess you have to be a kid-at-heart to dream the dreams that I do. I really want to expound on this, and the "Dreamer" part, but I'm afraid that would entail entirely separate entries. 😀

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