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The A-Team!

My hiatus involves quite a bit of TV of course, especially since I get some idle time while waiting for installations/formatting/downloads to finish. Today, for the first time in maybe twenty years, I saw an exciting action-packed episode of the A-Team!

For those not in the know, the A-Team was a bunch of rogue ex-commandos who usually acted as mercs, fighting for good, beating bad guys and saving the day. In the parlance of Roland of Gilead, gunslingers.

The A-Team TV series was most famous for having as one of its cast the now-popular-on-the-internet tough-talking, fool-pitying Mr. T. I also particularly like the antics of their resident screwball flyball, “Crazy Man” Murdock.

I remember that Marvel even had an A-Team comic book out when I was a kid; I had an issue or two. I’m tempted to go out and look for copies of those now. 😀

It was a good episode too, but ended with a cliffhanger. It’s a good thing I’m free to watch the next episode tomorrow. 😀

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