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Pop Ratio

I’ve known of Markku Seguerra’s rebelpixel website for a while, having enjoyed his constant stream of OPM-friendly lyrics section.

Today, I came upon his blog post about his band with some Pisay 96 batchmates. Their band is Pop Ratio, and he’s made available some original tracks and also some covers on his website. They’re pretty okay, you might want to listen to a few.

I know some of my own batchmates are active in bands, I wonder if I can get any (free) samples of their music?

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There used to be a site (i forget now) where Popgun used to have some track on. I have them, if you want.

BTW, Popgun has already disbanded, apparently. Rocky has a band called The Haneps, and Nico and Monsi are with Ryan in Tsubibo.