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A hundred pirated games

My brother estimates we have at least a hundred pirated copies of PS2 games. (Please don’t lecture me in any way on piracy, I’ve said my piece before.)

In any case, we have spent at least ten thousand pesos (roughly two hundred american) on pirated PS2 games. And out of those hundred copies, some games we have two or three copies of (due to the problems generally associated with illegal copies); Out of all those pirated games, I’d make a conservative estimate that at least 20 games were actually playably good. We got good playing time out of them, and it was a good experience overall. So the effective cost per good game comes out to around five hundred pesos (roughly ten american dollars). This number is important, because this magic number is the price at which it becomes worthwhile for us to buy an original game.

When I make a game, I will price it in this range.

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