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Radio is so Primitive

Radio is so primitive. You can’t skip songs, you can’t get to listen to a single track repeatedly, you can’t jump to random tracks, you can’t listen to only artists that have songs about Superman. Listening to random music some random guy thinks you will like, with no guarantee of whether he actually knows your taste or not. Granted, you can increase that likelihood by listening to the right station, but unless we had one station for every person, it’s impossible for the radio station to fully satisfy your tastes.

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Movies: Batman Begins

Awesome. Definitely better than the all the other Batman movies. This movie is no kids’ movie either. The movie is less about Batman’s crimefighting adventures and more about Bruce Wayne’s journey from being a angry, confused rich orphan to the billionaire playboy/costumed vigilante popularized by the earlier films. The movie captures the essence of Batman’s character perfectly. It’s all about fear — Bruce overcoming his fear of bats and eventually turning that fear into a symbol to strike terror into the hearts of criminals.

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Some comments on the Yahoo webapps. The next/previous links on top of Yahoo mail messages are confusing. I’m not sure if they take me up or down the mail-list. Gmail is better, since it explicitly says “older” and “newer”; With Yahoo, I’m always wrong when I guess. After some experimenting, I figure it out. “Next” and “Previous” are based on the sort order in the list of messages. Since the default is sorted by date descending (newest first), “Next” corresponds to Yahoo’s “older” by default.

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[18:06] anong ibig sabihin ng ? [18:06] alam mo? [18:12] sabi lang ng shoti mo [18:12] naku [18:13] lagot ka [18:13] bakit? [18:13] salitang bicol yun [18:13] ibig sabihin habambuhay na kayong magka-away [18:13] anong ibig sabihin nun? [18:13] iwasan mo na lang na sabayan sya sa hallway [18:13] delikado
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Bitty Browser

Bitty Browser Holy crap, that’s cool. links Open “ links” in a new window About Bitty Browser About Turnstyle … but this one doesn’t seem to work on Firefox though, all I get are Google ads? Am I doing something wrong? Let’s try the launch link: Hey both work now! 😀
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Download recordings of alleged destabilization tape – Transcript at PCIJ blog I don’t do much politics, but for those out of the loop, the government has recently released some tapes of conversations allegedly edited to make it look like the President has been participating in electoral fraud. I’m actually more interested in the tech part of this – these are supposedly mobile phone taps, so I guess they should have come from the mobile service provider?

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