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Just saw a segment on Oprah where Oprah helped a 15-year old girl realize her wildest dream -- to meet Ashton Kutcher.

Is must be nice to have a lifetime dream so easy to achieve. Oprah's job is nice too. She finds some poor little girl whose dream is to meet a B-list Hollywood celebrity. Wow, how hard was it for her to fulfill that?

Seriously, I'm sure it's great, it's sweet that Oprah's doing this for the kid, who has some sort of vision-related medical problem. Helping out handicapped kids one at a time is a noble cause, to be sure. But I don't know, it just smacks me as a bit superficial that you would choose the ones with relatively shallow dreams (and conveniently easy for you to accomplish.)

I have nothing against Ashton Kutcher by the way. He is occasionally funny. And he plays that idiot on That 70s Show really well.

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eClair said...

And have you noticed that along EDSA there are Ashton Kutcher movie billboards?!

He has two movies out soon or something.