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Yeah, so I guess I'm hypertensive. I get dizzy occasionally, and today I decided to pass by the Clinic to consult about it. My BP reading was a 150/110! The highest reading I've had, ever. I hope it's not too serious though. Will find out soon.

I don't really mind not being 100% healthy, and taking maintenance medicine could hurt a bit in the pocket (although I don't care much for money) What I don't like about not being healthy isΒ the diet. How can I do without my wonderful salty spam?

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btflpenguin said...

oh no! is this yet another indication of our progressing years?!

good luck with the low salt and take care of yourself.

Roy said...

No, it's probably just me and my unhealthy lifestyle. :p

hay...I'm sure I'll beat this thing, since I'm invincible or something. But I'd have to eat a lot of veggies to do it. :(