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Nuns and Earthquakes

Some weirdness today.

Around 4PM, word spread through the office that some sort of psychic nun had predicted an intensity nine earthquake today at 5PM. (This fantastic prediction came through SMS of course. Despite my not having a cellphone, I am not outside its' influence.) Since we work on a rather high floor, an earthquake would be very bad ™ from us. Of course, nobody took it seriously, although I suspect some wanted to take the opportunity to dodge some work. It's ridiculous after all. There's no real way to predict an earthquake will strike at a certain time.

The funny thing is, it seems that at least in one other office in the building, the employees were asked to leave the office temporarily "just in case." It's funny when individuals worry about earthquakes predicted by psychic nuns... but when a company decides to take it seriously, well, that's downright stupid.

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You'd be surprised at how often this happens. The "cellphone spark" concern in various gas stations is another example of this.

Yeah I know. But one would think a company would know better than to waste precious man hours on this.

Strangely, all the people in our office just jokingly laughed it off.