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I'm not much into FPS titles, but over the past couple of weeks, my bro Alvin and I have been playing the occasional game of CTF or Zones in Timesplitters III (via split screen on one TV of course.) The last time I got into an FPS game multiplayer was when Mon, Dave, Paul and I would do a four-way splitscreen on a single TV with the PS port of Quake 2. Insane I know, but fun. Timesplitters is like that, and since I'm expectedly not-so-good at these types of games, the challenge level is just about right for Alvin and myself. We always go co-op, since I have no doubt he would beat me hand down in versus.

The single player game? I have no idea. I let Alvin play that part just to unlock more characters.

And speaking of characters! The real reason I like this game is that the characters are crazy. Alvin likes to play the T-Rex (yes, imagine a T-Rex holding a 12-gauge tactical shotgun), but I try to pick a new one every fight. The most important thing is that the you can be a Ninja Monkey! Wow, I was giggling at that for one whole 30-minute game.

Too bad Mon is away and we don't hang out much at David's anymore. Otherwise, I'd buy a multitap and we'd lose our eyesight from Dave's samll TV.

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