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To the Tale, and Other Such Concerns: The Hunt is On

Check the link for the puzzle, then highlight the box below for the answers. (Answers found with the help of Switch)

Metapuzzle answer: Michael JacksonGeller Building Puzzle: Answer is Daughter of Elvis -- Jacko's ex-wife
Apollo Street: Answer is "John Jay Smith" -- One of Jacko's screen names
Club Bubbles: Answer is Men In Black 2 -- Jacko had a cameo in this movie

Edit: Looks like we didn't answer in time, the solutions are already posted on his blog.

It was fun, though.

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Sean said...

I'll put up a deadline next time, then. :)

clair said...

Darn it... I haven't solved it yet. Must give it time. I think that I might be thinking too hard. Then again, I am not so good at puzzles. It takes me a while to figure them out.

A fine example is the puzzle boxes, aka himitsu bako, that Sacha Chua brought to the talk the other day. It took me a while to figure out this certain box. Gyaaah! At least the other one I stumbled upon the solution laugh

Roy said...

Just for the promise of future puzzles, I have added you to the blogroll. I hope you don't mind. :D

clair said...

I think we can count on Sean for that ;) More puzzles and stories from Sean.

I already subscribed to your links. You've been bookmarking nifty stuff :D