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As it may mention in the page title, I'm currently screwing around with the blogger template, so this blog may look a bit... um... screwy for a while.

I've been wanting to toy around with Javascript hacks to extend the Blogger template functionality. The first thing I did was add some Javascript that allows you to show/hide individual posts on the page. But actually, I don't really like it, I'll remove it later.

I'm also wondering whether it's possible to have a Javascript hack that allows Blogger to have categories? The Category names would have to be included in maybe the post title text or the post body text, then we'd have a Javascript parser that determines the correct categories for each post. Then we could append category names to the URL to allow viewing by category, using javascript again to parse the URL to find which categories need to be displayed.

Seems like a lot of work though. My Javascript is not as strong as I want it to be — although I have a pretty good idea of how it works, I'm no expert. So I guess working on these hacks would be good practice, but maybe the time would be better spent learning PHP and preparing to move to a paid webhost? (If wasting time is a consideration, it's too late -- I've already spent some two hours fooling around with the current template.)

A bit sleepy. After all, it is almost 4 AM. I'll try to fix this thing later.

On hindsight, I should've set up a test blog and toyed around with that instead of modifying this one directly.

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btflpenguin said...

ito ba yung may link na "more" sa bottom ng post and you click on it to see the entire post? when you figure it out, pakopya code ha :)

btflpenguin said...

ay ang galing! have always wondered how to do that.

and you tried it out on your next post.


Roy said...

No, I'm actually referring to something different. See this for an example of what I did earlier.

But I know how to do it using javascript, I'm not sure if it can be done easily using blogger templates though. Isipin ko muna yun.

Pero blogger had an article before about something similar, you might want to look at it:

Roy said...

They also had another article about what I implemented dun sa test page: