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Where Have I Been

Well the week before was supposedly preparation for the JITSE (although I think a lot more time was spent on SF3... ) And this week, there was a lot of overtime to be had (quite a bit of food too).

Oh, and I've been having medical problems apparently; After some days of experiencing dizziness, I had myself a check up (free! I now think company-sponsored health care is cool :D) at Clinica Manila in Megamall. After some blood tests and stuff, I found out some bad things:

  • I have too much uric acid in my system. Apparently I have to avoid beans, canned goods, wine, shellfish, etc. The weird thing is, I don't even eat most of this stuff! (Except maybe canned foods -- I eat Spam regularly :D)
  • I'm suffering from hyperthyroidism. I'm not sure what it means, except that my thyroid is too eager to do it's job, so it's giving me some sort of fast metabolism or something. Apparently I should be experiencing dizziness (yes), palpitations (uh... no), shakiness of the hands (some), and possibly rapid weight loss (haha, not likely... )
  • My sinuses are clogged up. Now I have to take some nasal spray or something.
  • And some other stuff I don't want to talk about πŸ˜€

Nothing too serious I guess, but I am seriously getting tired of waiting for doctors! Last Friday, I had to wait in the (cold, cold, cold) waiting corrider of Clinica Manila for more than two hours!!! Lost half-a-day's work time, I did. Luckily, (or unluckily, maybe) I had Neil Stephenson's Cryptonomicon handy. I only killed some 150+ pages in those two hours though, which says a lot about my opinion on his writing/pacing.

Last Monday, I also spent some 45 minutes in a big tube thingy, with some 5-minute periods of not being allowed to swallow (ye gods that was hard!)... it was a thyroid scan at the new Medical City on Ortigas Avenue. Nice place, very spiffy. Has a Starbucks.

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