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About the JITSE, and Exams in general

Alright, so it's been a week since I took the JITSE, over at the Philippine Christian University in Manila. Like all other exams I take, I finished it unhumanly early. If I didn't have any kind of shame, I would have submiited the AM exam a whole hour-and-a-half early just so I could get some sleep before the PM part. (Some people noticed I was dozing off anyway :P)

I don't get the big deal though. For objective-type, multiple-choice exams, there's really no reason to linger over the questions. Read the question once or twice, and you realize that either (a) you already know the answer, (b) you will never know the answer or (c) you think you know the answer, but you'll need time to remember it. For most questions, it should be either (a) or (b), because you should be aware of the scope of what you have studied. For (c), well, I guess I'm unique here, because instead of taking time to actually think about what the right answer would be, I just go with my gut and pick a likely answer! (I said I was fast, not accurate :P)

Oh, and the JITSE itself? A tip to anyone who might want to take it: Don't bother with those five thick reviewer books they give you. Just go through a couple of years worth of sample exams and you'll be fine.

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trust me ... you'll regret NOT reading those books. Can you post your FE number or your full name so I can verify if you passed? countdown to Oct. 30

Please note that I took the JITSE last year. And I did in fact pass.

Thanks for the concern though. May I know who you are?


hi...i would like to know if you had with you the booklet when you took the exam? the questionnaire..actually, i have no idea what would be scope of the exam. i was just informed that i'll be taking the exam..i only have 1 week to go..i have no time to review..can you help me?

Hi Ruby, I wish I could help you out but I no longer have any of the review material I used. I would recommend that you check out some of the sample exams or past exams (there should be some that are downloadable from the jitse website I think), as these should help you greatly. The scope of the exam is rather wide, I understand it covers a lot of Computer Science stuff (I'm no ComSci grad so I don't know how accurate that is), there were questions on terminology, algorithms, software engineering concepts, etc.