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Sweet Sweet Vacation Time

God, it feels good to be goofing off. After having to spend six days in HK (well, more like five-and-a-half, more on that later) and then proceeding to conduct SQL training sessions for the latest batch of recruits, I was kinda tired and stressed out from work. Good thing I had the common sense to file for two days leave after the elections last Monday; don’t have to come in ‘til tomorrow.

Not that I’m using the free time for anything sensible mind you. In fact, most people would probably consider it a serious waste of vacation leave. But hey, I like to goof off! In between Warcraft III sessions, random internet surfing, constant reloading of the Inquirer website (to see the latest Namfrel quick-count figures of course), and reading through a couple of CDs worth of comics copied from Mon last Monday, I did manage to clean up my room somewhat.

I really only wanted to clean up ‘coz I wanted to read the Street Fighter comics and couldn’t find them. I was only able to find the two most recent issues though. One other thing I wanted to do was to seriously clean up the crap on this computer. We’re quite low on disk space, and more than half of my desktop is cluttered with icons, and Alvin tells me we have far too many MP3s on disk.

I’ve downloaded some Java code that will help me extract ID3 data from MP3 files. I’m hoping to use it to properly catalog all the MP3s on disk, assuming I get unlazy enough.

Heh, while I was Mon’s place, he made the brilliant observation that practically everything we do is fueled by how lazy (or unlazy) we are at any time…

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