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2003 December

  • The Captain's Hat

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  • That's L33T (Edit 04-Feb-06: This is now a dead link. The image used to hold a google job ad on a billboard that was obviously aimed at developers.)
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  • Some Gaming Links

    Today's random links: Insert Credit a nice website about gaming. I think the contributors all live in Japan, as they always seem to talk about prices in Yen. They've got some neat stuff, I wish I'd found their website before. Also, they keep talking about something called the GP32, and some of the things they say make me curious about it. It's some sort of gaming platform, apparently, but I'm too lazy to go through google and find out more details. Lost Levels covers games that were never made available to the general (well, American at least) public. They have

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  • Manna

    ... is a very nicely written, and highly plausible story
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