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  • I installed Civilization III, and told myself, “Gee, I guess

    I’ll try it out for an hour or so.” I didn’t stop for six hours.

    So much for getting anything done over the weekend.

    • Luckily (or not), my being awake those six hours of early morning

    allowed me to catch some late-breaking news. Apparently, disgruntled

    young officers of the not-so-prestigious Armed Forces of the Philippines

    had taken control of some building in Makati, laying bombs and stuff

    around and with snipers on the roof and all. Not sure, what’s going

    on, but hey, at least it’s never boring in good old RP. * There seem to be quite a number of broken links around here.

    I’ll get around to fixing them soon. Maybe. * Curses, I ate up my quota of email bandwidth from

    Softhome again. Now I have to wait

    ‘til August before I can check that address again. * Apparently, this website is now named “roywantsmeat”, after my account. If I ever get a domain name, that’s what I would


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