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  • Free time… that’s something I haven’t had in a while. Work¬†is tough right now, as we’ve got a big deadline coming up in¬†August. I’ve been putting in 10-12-hour days on a regular basis¬†over the past couple of weeks or so, so I barely have any time to¬†do anything. (Except for a few quick games of [

    The Frozen Throne]1 before going to bed of course.)

    • Of course, the other reason I haven’t updated this thing in a¬†fairly long while is that my PC broke down! And since it was past¬†the automatic replacement period, I had to wait for three weeks¬†while PC Express ordered replacement parts. I was irritated at PC¬†Express for most of those three weeks, as being without computer¬†leaves me without a healthy outlet for my stress from work. I’m¬†not bad about the PC having problems per se, I’m fairly sure it’s¬†currently impossible to make 100% defect-free electronics. What¬†I’m particularly pissed at was the poor customer service. Their¬†phone lines are almost always busy, their testing of components¬†was not done properly (it was only after they replace the mobo¬†and the power supply that they found out that it was a faulty¬†hard drive that caused the problem, forcing me to have to wait¬†another three weeks for a replacement drive… but I just went out¬†and bought a new one anyway… ) and it’s hard to get to them¬†because of their office hours, and… I could go on and on. I¬†guess the distinct disadvantage of buying from cheaper stores is¬†that the customer service is poorer. Or maybe I’m just unlucky.¬†In any case, my next PC will be an Intel one, this time I’ll¬†probably buy one of those pre-assembled “Package” PCs from a mall¬†outlet, just to have a basis of comparison.
    • New mailing list! RPG-Skies
    • Am tired, more later.

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