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19 Jan 2003: I need more screws!

Yes I do. I bought a new hard drive yesterday, a 40Gb 5400RPM Seagate. It took me a while to get the system up and running again after my plugging it in. First I had to wrestle with my PC's small case, trying to figure out where to place the thing. Then, given how old my PC is, it predictably failed to detect the whole capacity of the drive, insisting it was only 8 Gb. I went down to Seagate's website and did some Dynamic Drive Overlay thing that let me overcome the BIOS limitations. But the DDO installed a Bootloader that would often hang the PC upon booting! I had to send in an email to Seagate tech support and wait til the next morning before I could get everything fine and dandy. Now I have a nice healthy 36 Gb of space... almost 20 times as much capacity as the old drive. Sw33t. The only problem now is that the hard drive didn't come with any screws — so I just placed it on top of the old one. And I had to move my floppy so it's lopsided.

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