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31 Dec 2002: Happy New Yearwhatever

  • Well, trying to make this a weekly format thing obviously fizzled out. What with me starting work on Friday, I just give up. I'll keep this site up and put up stuff of interest whenever I feel like it, just like before.
  • So what's new? As I said, work starts Friday. I went to an orientation for the job last Friday and it seems like a tough and demanding job, but I rise to the challenge in any case. What I'm worried about is that the hour and a half commute might sap my energy too much. Maybe I should carry chcocolates to work. πŸ˜›
  • We got a PS2... in fact most of my free time these past couple of weeks have been sapped by two huge beasts named Suikoden III and Fallout 2. Actually, I haven't touched Fallout 2 in a week or so because of Suiko3.* For the New Year I resolve to give up on resolutions, they never work anyway.
  • Later.
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