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27 Jul 2002

Don't that just beat all? - Rei, Breath of Fire III

I recently had a talk with my uncle. Tito Ferry is the head of ePeople, an IT consultancy that handles projects for the government. My mom had me meet with him hoping he could give me some job-hunting advice. He says that the best thing to do would be to specialize in something like network engineering, 'coz that's where big bucks are, or something. Anyway, he's telling me to go get some certification, probably Cisco. 'Course I seem to recall such training being expensive, but I wasn't able to broach the matter with him. He wants me to talk to one of his company guys next week, he's an ECE grad like me, and hopefully this guy can give me some much-needed help.

I finished FFX last Tuesday. I r0x0r. Actually planning the final battle made all the difference. Anyway, David's off to the US for a week and a half, so no more going over to his house for a while.

Talk about strange dreams. I seem to have them often, but seldom get a chance to write them down. Here's one I had recently: I was in this room with some of my friends, and we were apparently having an anime marathon. There's a huge projector thingy there and we watch the start of this video. You know how sometimes you see those videos about promoting world peace or saving the environment and they have a bunch of kids singing some corny song? This was like that, except that Seymour suddenly walks onscreen. He walking along in a tralala manner surrounded by little kids the same way you would imagine Jesus or Buddha or Gandhi or something, and the kids were singing along with him. Then when I paid attention to the song, I realized they were singing something about ridding Spira of monsters! When I saw that scene I
immediately realized it was a dream and shook my head. "Crap, I think I've been playing too much FFX..."

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