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2002 July

  • 27 Jul 2002

    Don't that just beat all? - Rei, Breath of Fire III I recently had a talk with my uncle. Tito Ferry is the head of ePeople, an IT consultancy that handles projects for the government. My mom had me meet with him hoping he could give me some job-hunting advice. He says that the best thing to do would be to specialize in something like network engineering, 'coz that's where big bucks are, or something. Anyway, he's telling me to go get some certification, probably Cisco. 'Course I seem to recall such training being expensive, but I wasn't able to

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  • mirror | reviews Seifer Almasy : Full Circle A Final Fantasy VIII mini-fanfic by Roy Tang ( Final Fantasy and all related characters (C) Squaresoft. "Seifer Almasy, please come forward." Ever defiant, the tall, blond cadet stood and took his place in front of the three-man committee. "Get on with it." Ignoring him, the committee head went on, "Seifer Almasy, it is the finding of this committee that the acts you performed opposing Garden were a direct result of your being under the influence of Sorceress Ultimecia. However, this does not forgive the fact that your actions before,

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  • mirror | reviews The Ultimate Junkie By Roy Tang ( / Final Fantasy VIII is a copyright of Squaresoft, Inc. Standard disclaimers apply. Spoilers? Not really... I'm almost there. I must've been walking for a day and a half now. A day and a half through snow-filled forests and mountains, barely eating. I haven't slept since that ship dropped me off on this island. I'm tired and exhausted. But I need to get there. I have to. The others--they don't understand. None of them understand. They tried to stop me, to hold me back. You don't need

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  • rant.07.12.2002: personal websites

    I originally wasn't going to have a rant today, but while surfing the web I thought about one of the things I like about it: personal websites. That's right, personal pages. Some people might argue that personal pages are like the dregs of the internet. And they're probably right. Given that any random joe-on-the-street can get on Geocities and build his own website, (like for instance) we're certainly bound to see all sorts of stuff (and accordingly, all sorts of crap) on the internet. See, that's the thing: "All sorts of stuff." It's pretty much the same way Forrest

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  • Cheap Rushing

    [Posted on the GameFAQs message board in response to endless whining about rushes. Last I heard, had a competitive ladder system, meaning if you want to go up on the ladder, you have to win. If rushing is the means for that win, you should go for it. What does this mean? If you don't want to be rushed, don't play on, because on people play primarily to win and secondarily for fun. Get a bunch of friends together and hook up a LAN and play amongst yourselves, where you can have your own rules like "No

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  • Interview With Texas Instruments

    Sometimes my still being unemployed depresses me greatly (Although my periods of depression typically last no more than thirty minutes.) The biggest problem in my job-hunting woes is the fact that the type of job I want varies greatly from what I have training in. I want to be involved in IT or programming, but I don't have a lot of the skills necessary to succeed in those fields. I will probably always regret not shifting to Computer Science or even Computer Engineering early on in college. If I had I would've probably had a much easier time. In any

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  • Well I finally decided to start a full-blown web journal. I used to keep one some years ago β€” I think it greatly helped me develop my english skills. Or not. Anyway, I tend to run my mouth off for paragraphs at a time anyway, and so many things run through my head at any given time it probably makes sense to put down at least some of it on paper (or in a computer at least.) Anyway, I decided to make over this site because nothing much of anything else has been happening around here lately. With Mon in

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