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Changed the layout even more! Added a start page containing the menu only, so that visitors wouldn't have to listen to me ranting all the time. Uploaded some stuff, since my COMPUTER IS PROBABLY GOING TO DIE SOON! It's on its last legs... I can feel it. Over the next couple of days I'll probably be uploading stuff that I don't have backed up elsewhere. For now the only new upload is a bunch of high school pics. See the Files section for more.

Towards my resolutions:

  • I went on over to to see if the last fic (Nobody Wants to Live Forever) got any reviews. Whee! Got some positive ones. I'll try to write more soon.

  • I downloaded a free Win32 C++ compiler+GUI. It's Dev-C++, available atย Bloodshed Software. Also, I downloaded some of the old Win32 programming lessons from ReliSoft. I'll probably redo all the work since my previous trials had been lost in an HD formatting a while back. The sad thing is that the DirectX SDKs are unbelievably huge, 100+ Megs, even the older DX5.0, so I probably won't be doing any DX programming 'til I get a new computer.

  • Learning Japanese? Well... I'm working on it I guess. I checked out some lessons atย I've gone through them before, but I didn't really follow through so I forgot. =)

Anything else? Okay:

  • Turns out another Square SNES game has been gifted with a translation patch! The game is Live-a-Live, a strange sort of RPG. I tried it out a bit, but now I'm stuck. =( It's really weird. Hulk Hogan appears in it! Except that he's named MaxBomber or something.

  • More new links:

HTML Goodies

has a lot of info for would-be webmasters.

Happy Hacker

teaches you some neat hacking tricks, all of 'em legal!

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