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Streaming some more Arena Cube Sealed #mtg #magicarena #twitch

Pool wasn’t as good as the last one! Here’s the Youtube export:

Reply to mikong's tweet:

@mikong dami nang nagcorrect sakin lol. i guess the problem is those arent the ones i use heavily haha

I miss being able to set a custom status message in my messaging app. Company I worked at for the longest time used jabber/xmpp for internal messaging, which supported setting a status message. I often used it to put short messages, jokes or PSAs, and I like to think I was one of the first at the company to practice this and it spread later.

Just a fun thing to scroll through your contact list and see the random status messages people put. I suppose in the modern age no one really scrolls through their contact lists though.

Modern messaging apps like Messenger, Signal, Viber, WhatsApp etc dont have this. Discord does though, and so does Google Hangouts, since it is xmpp based I believe. Tweets are supposedly status updates. Hmm, maybe I should make a Twitter app where it just lists out all your contacts and shows the last status message from each one.

Streaming some Magic Arena Cube Sealed

Youtube export:

Highlight (Elspeth’s Nightmare!):

#mtg #magicarena #twitch

Whenever I see people complaining about negativity or criticism (which is ironically criticism in itself), I assume these are the same people who stay quiet when someone cuts in line.

This thread = goosebumps!

Quoted ScottGustin's tweet:

Just stop what you’re doing and enjoy listening to the #AvengersEndgame opening night crowd react to Captain America wielding Thor’s hammer.


@wrongwaygoback that brazen borrower did a lot more work than the lyra i never saw lol

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@rocketkeis nasa Prime Video