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Hi, my name is Roy

I'm a freelance software developer, solution architect, and technical consultant, with over 15 years of experience. If you have interesting work for me, you can check out my resume. More about me. More about the site. Feel free to contact me. a personal site, an E/N site, kind of a commonplace book, perpetually under renovation.

Posts: blog, notes, links.

Topics: software development, Magic the Gathering, gaming, tech life,weeknotes, and more.

Media diet: books, movies, tv, and games.

There's a photos page, which is just all the images and videos publicly available on the site (and via my social media stuff, etc). Liberally sprinkled with memes and gaming screenshots. I also do this daily sketching thing, which I collect in an sketchbook album.


Recent sketches

The one sketch for all of November
31 - Farm
30 - Gear
29 - Uh-oh

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