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Repost from onlythebraveIou:


Team Camote plays You Don’t Know Jack:

@joyarmadamba If its gsuite (which it probably is if thats a custom domain) thats slightly less problematic since thats a paid plan, and they are not likely to arbitrarily screw you over

@wrongwaygoback They should be fetchlands too.

I would just word it with a keyword, the same way other games like Hearthstone or Eternal do. Something like “Arrives - Draw a card”. Same thing for death triggers. “Dies - Deal 2 damage to any target”. “Arrives” isn’t too great, but in my head it evokes the “oh, it happens when he’s already here” feeling.

That Saga wording is actually reminder text, the actual Saga rules text should be the same as normal ETB triggers and draw step triggers.

These are both revised lands. I have a few of those forests around here somewhere.

Played some Historic Merfolk last night on #twitch, forgot to tweet about it #mtg #magicarena

Covid19 thoughts and updates:

  • We are officially one week deep into Modified ECQ. It should be a couple of weeks before the cases start picking up again, but we are already seeing a lot of traffic and crowds and such.
  • Lazada is back to shipping non-essentials again, and I’ve already ordered a thing.
  • I feel compelled to share this post by a friend of mine dubbing a certain local “expert” as “Science Mocha”.
  • My dad started going back to work last Wednesday. He says they have strict screenings and rules so that’s good. They don’t let anyone go out unless they’re already going home for the day, so he has to bring baon.
  • We did a grocery run the day before he went back to work. Not sure if it was because we went earlier, but it felt like there were slightly fewer shoppers that time.
  • As of last night, we are at 13777 cases (+180 from the day before, +1264 from last week), 863 deaths (+6 from the day before, +39 from last week), 3177 recoveries (+85 from the day before, +542 last week). “Last week” numbers slightly lower because it’s only been 6 days since the last report. Maybe I should be monitoring the active cases too? Apparently our active case count has never dropped, and the DOH backlog in confirming cases is only getting larger. Reference.
  • Worldwide, we are at 5.3 million cases and 340,000 deaths. Caveat: these numbers are from Worldometer.

Put your knowledge to the test with the Street Fighter Quiz! My Score: 8848 #shadaloo C.R.I. #QUIZ_STREET_FIGHTER_ACADEMY

For some reason the toughest opponent in this game is Juri

I finally beat her lol

Put your knowledge to the test with the Street Fighter Quiz! My Score: 18611 #shadaloo C.R.I. #QUIZ_STREET_FIGHTER_ACADEMY

Reply to __apf__'s tweet:

@apf Freelance software dev / solutions architect