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Hi, my name is Roy is a personal site, an E/N site, and kind of a commonplace book. The site is perpetually under renovation, as we all are.

I'm a freelance software developer, solution architect, and technical consultant, with over 15 years of experience. If you have interesting work for me, you can check out my resume.

I have a bunch of stuff here. Look around, maybe you'll find something that interests you.

There's the blog, where I write about things like software development, Magic the Gathering, gaming, and tech life. I also write weeknotes, which are more of personal updates, but also sometimes include links I find interesting. Here are some of my favorite posts.

I also write about and maintain lists of media I consume: books, movies, tv, and games

There's also a notes page, which is more like shorter, day-to-day microblog entries. A lot of my other activities on platforms are also syndicated back here as notes.

There's a links page, where I share various links of interest.

There's a photos page, which is just all the images and videos publicly available on the site (and via my social media stuff, etc). Liberally sprinkled with memes and gaming screenshots. I also do this daily sketching thing, which I collect in an sketchbook album.

There's some other stuff around as well. I'm not yet sure how to organize everything, so I made an explore page.

I am open to talking to strangers! Or friends even! Feel free to contact me.

Here's more about me. And more about the site, if you like.

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