Beavers and Ducks

April Fools day today. The Gaming Intelligence Agency says they’re shutting down, but it’s likely one of their famous AFD pranks.

Board exams coming up next week, Tuesday and Wednesday. I need to borrow a calculator — the one I have isn’t on their list. I really should study more but for some reason I’m really confident. promises to study more

So I applied for a job at ASTI. Sure it’s a government place, but I know a lot of guys there and it looks like fun. Interviewed last week, hope they call back.

And so another Holy Week went by uneventfully. Another 8-hour 7th heaven marathon. Another trip to St. Vincent’s for confession and way of the cross. So the wheel turns.

Local matinee idol Rico Yan dead at 25 last Good Friday. I’d tell you more about it, but the TV stations have already covered the story to death.

I saw the Star Wars trailer! Lots of fighting, and the Jedis look like they’re gonna get their butts whupped. Lousy title though.

Movies seen lately: Bandits and Ice Age. Oh, and for the umpteenth time, Austin Powers: TSWSM.

Random Links of the day:

Phoenix Genesis

12 Feb 2002

Website updates: New text files in features section!

Ack…haven’t been doing much lately. My time has been consumed by the evil monster that is Sierra’s Betrayal at Krondor. It’s an RPG based on Raymond Feist’s Riftwar series of books. Haven’t read the books myself, but the game is well done, and is still enjoyable despite its age (I think it was released in ’92 or such). The game was released by Sierra as freeware to promote the sequel, and it can be downloaded at

The other thing I’ve been doing, is trying to catch up on my board exam review, and I’m fairly behind schedule. There’s around a month and a half left before the exam, but so far I’ve only reviewed most of the electronics topics. (The reviews are in 3 parts: electronics, communications and mathematics.)

Another thing I’ve been doing was working on my own RPG. The Palefire thing was great, but it seems no one in the group has time to do it anymore. While I still want to do Palefire, it’ll have to go to the back burner while everyone gets their acts together. Since I don’t have a new comp yet, no RPG programming of any sorts going to take place soon. Right now it’s mostly design, world-building, and setting the rules into place. I don’t even have a very solid plot yet, but I want to thresh out the world before focusing on the plot. Good luck to me.

Things I’m not doing: Learning more Japanese (which I promised myself I would do); Studying more programming (same); Writing fiction. I’d update the Mecis story but I found the first part of it severely lacking. When I have time, I’ll probably rewrite it altogether.

12 Jan 2002

Updates: Added Square NES ROMs, Programming section, updated links. Went back to text-based navigation. While image navigation is nice, it’s hard to update and slow-loading. Added links to funtrivia trivia quizzes.

It’s been a slow couple of days really. Some board reviewing, sporadic Japanese learning. Finished DW7 a couple of nights ago — finally! Currently playing on PS: Ehrgeiz Quest Mode! Kinda tough, tho. For the NES, a discussion on FFFade me download a whole bunch of Square NES ROMs! Also been playing a lot of Megaman! (finished 1 and 2 already, on my way with 3) Job fair next week atUP Eng’g. Also came down with a bad cold.

07 Jan 2002

For some reason, I keep wanting to update this site. I’m actually doing this more often than studying for the board, studying game development, studying Japanese or writing anything else. I wonder why? Anyway, I added a humor page and a special “Who Am I?” page. Check ’em out. Also the Anime ROMs site should be fully operational by now.

So I went and saw Lord of the Rings last Friday. As everyone expected, it was an excellent movie, and the theater was jam packed. We had to use all our mighty skills to get seats. Even my first brother, who doesn’t normally watch movies, enjoyed it and said it was great. My only complaint is that the movie is too long! I mean, I know Tolkien created a huge world and all, but did they really have to show the party traveling through numerous forests, mountains and snow without advancing the plot? That’s one of the reasons I didn’t get to finish the book, I felt the plot dragged along in favor of the lengthy descriptions. The movie does this too, but to a lesser extent.

06 Jan 2002

Hopefully, the site is now Netscape-safe…

Uploaded more stuff today: I put up an ECE Board Exam Reviewer — it’s a software that helps me review for the upcoming ECE boards. It’s in the files section. I really should add that to the list of resolutions: WILL STUDY FOR BOARD EXAM!

I also decided to renovate and re-use the geocities site so I put up an Anime ROMs site there. I wanted to put up the Anime ROMs before, but I was worried about what Topcities might do, since Ihaven’t heard anything about what they do to copyright violations on member sites. They might delete all my files or something. At Geocities, the worst case scenario is that I lose the ROM files!

Sore wa watashi no homupeiju desu…See? I’m working on it!

03 Jan 2002

Changed the layout even more! Added a start page containing the menu only, so that visitors wouldn’t have to listen to me ranting all the time. Uploaded some stuff, since my COMPUTER IS PROBABLY GOING TO DIE SOON! It’s on its last legs…I can feel it. Over the next couple of days I’ll probably be uploading stuff that I don’t have backed up elsewhere. For now the only new upload is a bunch of high school pics. See the Files section for more.

Towards my resolutions:

* I went on over to to see if the last fic (Nobody Wants to Live Forever) got any reviews. Whee! Got some positive ones. I’ll try to write more soon.

* I downloaded a free Win32 C++ compiler+GUI. It’s Dev-C++, available at 
Bloodshed Software
. Also, I downloaded some of the old Win32 programming lessons from ReliSoft. I’ll probably redo all the work since my previous trials had been lost in an HD formatting a while back. The sad thing is that the DirectX SDKs are unbelievably huge, 100+ Megs, even the older DX5.0, so I probably won’t be doing any DX programming ’til I get a new computer.

* Learning Japanese? Well…I’m working on it I guess. I checked out some lessons at I’ve gone through them before, but I didn’t really follow through so I forgot. =)

Anything else? Okay:

* Turns out another Square SNES game has been gifted with a translation patch! The game is Live-a-Live, a strange sort of RPG. I tried it out a bit, but now I’m stuck. =( It’s really weird. Hulk Hogan appears in it! Except that he’s named MaxBomber or something.

* More new links:

HTML Goodies

has a lot of info for would-be webmasters.

Happy Hacker

teaches you some neat hacking tricks, all of ’em legal!